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Words on my Work

"... the mixer in Hamburg admired your work a lot. He repeatedly said it's extremely well prepared, and a pleasure to mix. He just needs to adjust a few levels and all is flowing. So congratulations, and thanks again. I know you killed yourself over it, but at least it gets properly recognized... "
- Philippe Ciompi, Supervising Sound Editor


"I first saw Zhe's student work at the NFTS and I was really impressed and at the first opportunity I asked her to work with me. Since then she has recorded and mixed sound for my commercial work and personal project. She has a special combination of qualities which makes her great to work with on a film set and in post production. She's hard working, with patience and a sense of humour. She applies a great attention to detail and has her own unique take on sound design."
- Paul Bush, Director, Animator


"Sound-designed to precise and goose-bumping effect, this is a rare and haunting work of memory-gleaning."
- Sukhdev Sandhu, Daily Telegraph review on Feature film Perestroika


"Simple when it needed to be, epic when it needed to be, disturbing and stomach churning... it is a really stand out, different piece of radio, wonderfully ambitious and simple at the same time..."
- Jeremy Howe, BBC Radio 4 Commissioning Editor


"All sounds great. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. It makes a huge difference having a creative and well produced sound mix."
- Stephen Irwin, Animation Director.


Zhe would love to thank her parents for supporting her pursuit for dreams. Also thanks my Dad for designing lovely logo for me!
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